My girls all get along on the farm and out in public. Trips to town for rollerblading are not uncommon and people always have compliments for my calm, obedient, and friendly Rottweilers.
Our females are the heart and soul of Gentry Creek's breeding program. Because 60-70% of a puppies attributes will come from their dam, we feel like choosing the best females we can find is the most important piece of our breeding program. Many people look mostly at a stud dog and what that stud can bring to help improve on their female. We try to find excellent quality females to start with, pair them with males that best compliment our girls bloodlines and conformation, then have puppies that will be equal or surpass their parents!  We look at much more than the pedigree of our females. We look for standout bone and substance, as well as a very expressive and thick head. A female is meant to be feminine as according to the standard, but that doesn't mean lack of strength or expression in the head. If you look at our females, you can see consistency in their quality. We will not keep a female for breeding if we do not feel like she has something special to give to her offspring. And of course the most important attribute we look for in our girls is their temperment. A confident, outgoing and friendly temperment is an absolute must. Some of our females have higher working drives than others and we feel like this is helpful to us in placing puppies in family homes. A puppy with extreme working drives simply WILL NOT be suitable for the typical family household. These puppies need to be in working or show homes. An average family home will not have the time it takes to keep a Rottweiler with tons of working drive happy and content and often will end up with problems such as chewing, digging, barking and destructive behavior around the house, or just simply to much energy to be around young children. A calm and gentle dog is much more suitable for this type of lifestyle. The Rottweiler is bred to be a working breed, and like all working dogs it is important get to know the temperment of each puppy place them in appropriate homes.
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Our females are very important to us, they are beloved pets and much loved members of our family. We treat them with respect and do not simply use them to produce puppies. Each female is an individual with their own unique likes, dislikes and individual needs. We want them to be  happy and content. We feel like a dogs health depends on so much more than good nutrition or housing.  Emotional health is also extremely important. Dogs need to feel a sence of security and love. They are naturally a wandering species and are meant to travel several miles a day, enjoying the pack and hunting for food. We like to keep our dogs as close to this natural way of living as possible. Everyday ALL of our dogs are walked together as a "pack". Many breeders have to seperate their females in kennels to avoid fighting. We have found that excersize and a strong sence of human leadership has practically eliminated aggressive behavior between the girls. Most aggressive or dominant behavior stems from frustration. Frustration will quickly build if a dog is kept in a kennel or tied and not allowed to explore his/her environment and expell excess energy. Another cause will come from the dogs not having a strong human leader. If they feel like they have a secure leader, they will not be fighting for the alpha position and will willingly obey and follow their human leader. This lowers stress levels within the pack and keeps everyone happy! 

Meet the Girls!!!
Beatrix von Hasan Hause
Habibi Se Ungo Rot

Emily vom hause Edelstein
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Face from Royal Breed 
(Nena Flash Rouse x Dack Flash Rouse)
Serbian Import​​, Multi V-1 rated, Youth SIegerin
Gentry Creeks Sasha
(Emily vom hause Edelstein x Kenzo von Keleman​
VP-1 Rated ​
Bridget vom Hause Hudson​
(Tigra hause of Lazic X Astor von Junipera)​
Multi V-1 rated female​
Ajka Se Ungo Rot
Serbian import​, Multi-Champion female
Some of the females we've owned or imported:
Alina                                                                Dona von Goricaberg
Hera Se Ungo Rot                                         Hana von VDO
Perry Se Ungo Rot                                                Beatrice Rotti Kingdom   
Gentry Creeks Yashi
VP-1 rated female​
Arlos Majestic Rot X Ajka Se Ungo Rot​
Citta vom hause Adamovic
Gentry Creeks Zoey
Fate Dark Night
Kim vom Krivosija Rot
Gentry Creeks Kylie
(Iwan hause of Lazic X Ajka Se Ungo Rot
Pictured at 13 months old!​​
Gentry Creeks Ivy
(Cochise Royal Breed X Azra vom Bistrica Berg​)
HD +/- and ED free OFA
OFA heart normal​​
V-1 rated​

Gentry Creeks Olivia
Gentry Creeks Piper
Azra Black Eyes
Diona of Unamity Rot
European Import
HD free ED free​​
Daughter of Dzomba vom hause Drazic!​
Beta von Machtig Laufer
(Quick von der Crossener Ranch X Mara vom Bonzi Star)​
HD free ED +/-​

Gentry Creeks Yaima​
Diona of Unamity Rot X Armani Black Allusion
​HD and ED free
OFA heart normal​​