Here at Gentry Creek Rottweilers, raising superior puppies that will bring joy into the lives of their new families is my number one goal. Pups are whelped here in my home and because I work here on the farm they are able to recieve lots of attention and stimulation throughout the day. I also do early neurological stimulation with my young pups. "Puppies exposed to mildly stressful experiences from a very young age (1-6 weeks) usually develop into dogs posessing superior problem-solving ability, with less emotional imbalance than their counterparts raised without such stimulation."(The Monks of New Skete: The Art of Raising a Puppy) For more info on Early Neurological Stimulation please click HERE.  My females also get the best of care, nutrition, supplements and exercise.   Prenatal care is very important in raising healthy pups and I make sure that my females are at peak condition during their pregnancy. It has also been shown that the emotional state of the pregnant bitch can have a positive or negative effect on the temperment of the puppies. Keeping a female happy, comfortable and secure during her pregnancy is very important.
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For more information about my females and their care please visit my "females"page. From the time that puppies are born here on the farm, they are socialized to a variety of sights, sounds and smells.
With any working breed it is important to temperament test and pay close attention to each individual puppy as they are growing. A puppy with extreme working drives is rarely suitable for the typical family home. This type of a dog will require A LOT of stimulation, excersize and training. If they do not recieve this type of care they will often develope habits such as chewing, digging or generally being a niusance. This is not a "bad dog", it is a dog that has been bred for a purpose and when not given a job, they will find their own. A pup with extreme drives will do best in a working or show home where they will be fulfilled and can really shine. A puppy with lower drives and a calm and relaxed personality will be an excellent pet for children and typical family living.

This is an UPDATED list of puppies we currently have available or upcoming litters!

5 months
We have a very busy winter/spring planned for 2023! Below you will find an updated list of upcoming litters. At this time, I am not planning any summer 2023 litters. 

Face from Royal Breed (Chloe)

Rottweiler Puppies for sale

11 Months Old
11 months old
9 months

Champion import female Diona from Unanity Rott has been bred to European import Ludacris hause of Lazic for pups due mid January! Diona is an amazing producer and is the mother to our male Yeti. This will be her last litter and I expect amazing pups from her, as she has always produced for us in the past! I am now taking reservations for her puppies. 
Update: Diona pups have arrived! I have 1 male that is still available from her litter! $2000​
European import Seka has been bred to our male Yeti for pups due mid February! Seka is a fun loving female with lots of head and body mass! These will be strong pups, coming from very strong producing lines. I am now taking reservations for Seka's upcoming litter!
1/17/23      These 3 puppies are owned by a breeder friend of mine in Lexigton, VA. They are ready to go to their new homes now! There are 2 females and 1 male puppy. If you are wanting a puppy right now, and would like a docked tail, please email Kelly McCown at
I do not dock tails on our puppies.​